General Assistant to Counsel


Erlin Reyes serves as The Silber Law Group’s senior legal assistant. Erlin assures your case is being handled in the appropriate time and manner.  Erlin is present during your initial consultation and is there to hear your situation and help determine the best next steps for you. Erlin plays a significant role in all of the internal operations of your legal case.  Such as, helping you to gather case information and documents, vital to your claim and case outcome. Erlin has many years of experience in the legal field and is prepared to help protect your future.

Erlin also focuses in the litigation portion of your court case. When your case is filed in the District or Circuit Court, it will pursue a chain of events and filings (known as Discovery, pleadings, legal procedures, etc.).  Mr. Silber and Erlin work together to produce a legal work doctrine. By consulting with you and working together in order to produce your final legal work product and aim towards a successful settlement result and or predicted verdict.

Erlin Reyes is prepared to help secure your future.


  • Associate of Arts in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Management
  • MM, Master of Management

Leadership, Membership & Honors

  • Student Government Association Secretary
  • Silver Wings Young Eagle World Book Member
  • USA Boxing Association Member
  • Certificate of Appreciation from USPFO (United States Property and Fiscal Officers)

“Erlin was vital in getting me the outcome I wanted in my case. I couldn’t believe how hands on he was and always readily available when I had questions about the status of my case.”